Vilseck, Germany / Baghdad, Iraq – Faced Death / Life without the possibility of parole. Client and two fellow NCOs executed 4 blindfolded and handcuffed Iraqi prisoners and dumped their bodies into a Baghdad canal. The Iraqi were confirmed Shiite snipers that had murdered several American infantrymen and Sunni civilians. However, the Army did not care and pressed forward. Unfortunately, our Client signed written confession before seeking a lawyer. There were 10 other eyewitnesses to the crime. The 3 defendants were set for trial. The first was convicted by a jury and sentenced to life in prison. The other co-defendant was also convicted and sentenced to life in prison. Our client chose to plead guilty for a 35 year sentence maximum. He is eligible for parole in 10 years. The other 2 co-defendants will not be parole eligible until after they serve 20 years in prison. We are seeking clemency and an appeal to reduce the sentence further.

UPDATE – The commanding General cut 15 years off of SFC Mayo’s sentence. He is now parole eligible in 6 and a half years. Attorneys, Mr. Waddington, MAJ Kageleiry and Geoffrey Nathan are fighting to reduce SFC Mayo’s sentence further.

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