U.S. v. Army E-5 – Yongsan Army Base, Korea – Soldier charged at a General Court Martial with 2 charges of Felony Aggravated Assault with Means Likely to Produce Death or Grievous Bodily Injury for allegedly beating 2 soldiers with an unopened beer bottle and False Official Statement. The two “victims” were severely injured and one was stabbed during the fight. Our client made numerous statements to CID and there was a video of the fight. Mr. Waddington and CPT Duane Kees pressed for a contested jury trial. A few days before the trial date, the Government agreed to drop the General Court Martial, drop the felony aggravated assault charges to misdemeanor assault charges, drop the false official statement, limit client’s jail time to 30 days, agree to no discharge, and limit his reduction to 2 pay grades.
Result : 30 days in jail, NO DISCHARGE, reduction to E-3, $300 per month for 3 months. No Felony conviction. Client will return to unit.

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