Lt Col client was accused of 9 specifications including adultery, indecent language towards female subordinates, unprofessional relationship with 3 subordinates, illegal use of a Government cell phone, and fraternizing with three lower enlisted subordinates. Our goal was to save his retirement, avoid lengthy jail time and to get a Not Guilty on the adultery. The client was married as was one subordinate. The evidence was overwhelming and included text messages, numerous witnesses, Facebook messages, a hotel receipt and phone records.

Mr. Waddington and ADC Capt Miguel Acosta fought the allegations in front of an officer jury. In the end, we were able to save his retirement and get a reasonable sentence (the prosecution asked for 6 months and a dismissal). He was found not guilty of adultery and the defense team convinced the judge to dismiss three additional charges. In sentencing, the Judge merged two of the other charges into one charge.

Punishment: NO DISMISSAL, 60 days in jail, forfeitures, and a reprimand.

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