Client with 18 years of service was accused of stealing $9,075 and taking and gambling thousands of additional dollars from the Air Force cash vault that he managed. Faced 10.5 years in prison and a dishonorable discharge. This was the largest loss of bank vault funds in recent AF history. Signed “confession” and allegedly made verbal admission of guilt to investigators. Prosecution team of 3 lawyers played hard ball and flew in senior trial lawyer from Los Angeles, CA when client rejected plea bargain. Contested charges in front of an enlisted panel.
Result: Client ACQUITTED of felony larceny of $9,075. Convicted of wrongful appropriation (borrowing money) which is a misdemeanor.
Sentence: NO DISCHARGE, 1 month confinement, reduction to E-4, forfeitures, restriction and 60 days hard labor without confinement. Prosecution asked for the maximum during sentencing proceedings.

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