U.S. v. Air Force E-4 – Eglin AFB, Florida – Client accused of violently raping, choking and threatening an Air Force Security Forces/Policewoman. After the alleged rape, he supposedly showed her a music video of a woman being raped, killed and eaten and threatened her. This alleged “victim” was very persuasive and could cry on demand. The problem was, she was lying. Our client maintained his innocence throughout the case.

The Air Force brought in their best and most aggressive female sex assault prosecutor, the Nancy Grace of the Air Force. This prosecutor is one of the best in the military.

The defense assembled a Dream Team of their own. Mr. Waddington, ADC Capt Andrew Norton, and Senior ADC Maj Jack Jones mounted their defense by extensively investigating the alleged victim. We were able to prove that the victim was the ex-girlfriend of the accused, after the “rape” they continued to have sex, that the victim posted Facebook messages joking about being raped, and other damaging facts.

In addition, we proved that the victim did not cry rape until after the accused dumped her and started to see another girl. First she claimed that she was pregnant and tried to get back together with the accused. When he refused, she accused him of rape.

We also presented several other airmen that the victim had falsely accused of sex assault and later recanted. The “victim” took the witness stand and lied about all of the above facts because she did not know that we had proof and we had her Facebook records.

Also, she claimed that after she was raped, she was forced to watch the disturbing rape video. We proved that the victim went to a rock concert of the band that made the video and posted pictures about it on Facebook, after the alleged rape.


This “victim” is still in the Air Force and will likely falsely accuse someone else in the near future. This goes to show that the command is afraid of women that falsely claim to be sexual assault victim. She should be court martialed for perjury and false official statement. Instead, she is still getting preferential treatment.

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