U.S. v. Army E-7, Fort Lee, VA – High profile case involving client that was an 82nd Airborne Cook accused of smashing an Iraqi detainee’s skull with a baseball bat, severely beating another detainee with a bat, kicking a detainee, forcing a subordinate to beat a detainee with a bat, false official statement x 2, and covering up the alleged crimes. The media and Human Rights Watch dubbed client the leader of the “The Murderous Maniacs” and “Skull Crusher.” Client made 3 alleged “confessions” to CID. Fought charges at jury trial. Skull fracture charge was dismissed. Jury acquitted client of cover up, encouraging assault, assault by kicking, and aggravated assault with bat. Convicted of misdemeanor battery and lying to CID. Sentence: REPRIMAND, No jail time, No fine, No reduction, Retained on Active Duty.

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