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If you are reading this, that means that the Air Force has taken down the big top, caged all the animals and the clowns have taken off all their make up. From day one the clowns (prosecuting attorneys) made every attempt to prove their case. Apparently clown college isn’t what it use to be. As they danced around the court room juggling allegations and assumptions there was no laughter, only muffled snickers from the audience for a very poor performance.

While all the shenanigans were in work, Michael (Maestro) was writing a masterpiece. He pushed out all the hibbity jibbitty bologna and brought in an orchestra. At this point the circus clowns were ignored and everyone waited with anticipation for what would follow. With their instruments ready, Maestro began to tell a tragic story of false accusations and betrayal. As the trumpets boasted you could see the clowns trying to cram themselves back into their car. By the end of his masterpiece he proved beyond a reasonable doubt that I was not guilty of all charges.

On a serious note. I was accused of Abusive Sexual Contact, Assault, and Indecent language. At no point in this trial was there any evidence against me, and even won at my Article 32 hearing. Due to mounting pressure from our political leaders, I was forced to go to court martial anyway. Even though my accuser has previous convictions for fraud and obstruction of justice. It’s sad to say, but in this day in time if your are active duty, you are guilty until proven innocent.

Even though there was no evidence against me the Air Force used every trick they could to get a conviction. They even put my accuser on the stand even though her story had changed every time she told it. The prosecution also put up another key witness that directly contradicted the accuser story of events. The government isn’t worried about right or wrong, or even if you’re innocent. They don’t care if there is any evidence to support any allegations. All they want are convictions, so that the citizens of the U.S. think that they are taking steps to put a stop to Sex Crimes.

If you are accused, you need Michael Waddington in your corner. He is a tough hardnosed lawyer who doesn’t believe in running from a fight, but rather take the fight to your enemy. Everyday of my court martial the Government offered me a deal, they told me that if I pled guilty to assault they would drop the sexual assault charges. Not much of a deal was it? I didn’t want to plead guilty for something I didn’t do, and Michael advised me not to take it, and we didn’t. We took the fight to the enemy and crushed them.

In his closing argument he asked 44 questions of reasonable doubt, and challenged the prosecution to answer them. They were completely dumbfounded and couldn’t provide any evidence or answer even a single question he asked.

If you are the accused you need the best. You need Michael Waddington. He was very direct and honest with me. In my time of doubt, he reached out and offered so many words of inspiration, not just to me but my family as well. Don’t waste a second longer. Don’t put your faith in a military lawyer who works for your branch of service. Stop reading this and call him right now and get the help you need.