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I was notified that I would be facing a Board of Inquiry. While my military assigned lawyer was competent there were a number of things that concerned me. First, my military lawyer had only conducted one Board of Inquiry in his entire career and second, he was significantly more junior than the government lawyer. I felt that it was in my best interest to retain the best possible representation I could and decided on retaining civilian counsel as well. Mr. Waddington’s handling of my case was nothing less than superb.

From our first conversation Mr. Waddington’s vast experience and expertise were evident. He developed the strategy that presented the strongest defense possible and allowed me to tell my story – something that had not occurred during the previous investigation and non-judicial punishment procedure.

The end result was that I was able to be honorably discharged from the Marine Corps. I would strongly recommend Mr. Waddington to anyone who is in need of representation. When your future is on the line you want nothing less than the best.