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I am stationed overseas and After being preferred severe charges by the government from a NCIS sting unfairly targeting the wrong people. I was removed from my job, had my security clearance suspended, and appointed a military attorney in another country that told me I was looking at prison time even before he had seen the evidence. Despite the fact that I felt I was innocent of these charges, I shouldered the weight of them and lost any hope of the truth prevailing. I was an emotional mess and already starting to accept that I was going to prison so started seeing a psychologist.

I began researching life in federal prisons online before my psychologist and wife told me to stop feeling sorry for myself and research civilian lawyers to fight this! The first site I researched was Michaels. I read all of his reviews and for the first time in 3 weeks, my stomach wasn’t in knots and I had hope again! Hope can make all the difference when losing your life as you know it is on the line!

Michael took my case and after our first conversation, I realized I would be going into battle with a warrior on my side! He believed my side of the story despite the evidence the government had. The government was trying to take my life away and now they were going to have to earn it! Michael more than evened the odds and put the prosecution on edge because they knew they were in for a fight!

At trial, Michael proved why he is the best in his field! He is a trial tactician that made the prosecution look like amateurs! He cross examined the lead NCIS investigator witness and destroyed all of his credibility and exposed his incompetence! I actually almost felt bad for the guy who was trying to send me to prison.

So if you are fortunate enough to hire Michael, don’t get worried that he isn’t working your case because he didn’t immediately return your email or doesn’t give you day to day updates. He is a highly sought out attorney that stays busy and takes your life seriously. Trust in his experience and skills because this guy can literally develope an effective strategy the day before trial!