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I am an Army Reserve officer. While I was demobilizing at a Texas Army installation, I was accused of fraternization, dereliction of duty, adultery, and conduct unbecoming an officer. I was told that I was facing a court martial and that the command wanted the maximum punishment and a dismissal. They told me the charges were going to be read at any moment.

They flagged me and forbade me from visiting my family (who I had not seen in over 18 months) over Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I received little help from my local Army lawyers. They just told me they “cannot do anything until charges are filed.” I did not want charges to be filed. I had a civilian career and a distinguished military career.

I searched online and found Mr. Waddington. He gave me a sense of hope.

Mr. Waddington made it clear to the command that I was innocent and would fight them to the end. They tried to get me to agree to plead guilty. We refused. We played hardball. Unable to push me around any longer, the command backed down. In the end, they cut me orders to go home right before Christmas. No charges were ever filed.

Thank you Mr. Waddington for listening and fighting for me.