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I hired Michael to represent my son in an aggravated assault case. I have never met a person with the integrity and compassion of Mr. Waddington. He and his law partner Alexandra are the most compassionate, non-judgmental people I have ever met. They have a sincere commitment to you. They never give up.

If you never hired a lawyer before, be careful. Be certain that the attorney your hiring is actually representing your best interests and not the military or themselves. Many ex-military lawyers seem entrenched in the military system and are basically prosecutors taking your money and not fighting for you. Lawyers like Michael and Alexandra Waddington don’t play these game… They truly believe in their client and defend them to the end.

Mr. Waddington let us know up front that the odds were against my son, but that he would do whatever he could to try and avoid years in prison, a felony record and a discharge (which is what the Army lawyer wanted my son to plead guilty to from the beginning). At trial Mr. Waddington presented the case in the best light possible and exposed the holes in the prosecutions case and the lies of CID and other coached witnesses. After a hard fought case, my son was acquitted of the serious felony charges and was allowed to stay in the military thanks to their legal representation.