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My ordeal started in August 2014 with a false allegation of sexual assault. I called numerous law firms and was told many times that it was best for me to take a plea deal, this was even before they heard my side of the story. Once I contacted Mr. Waddington, he immediately eased my fears and told me to explain everything to him. Once I did this he comforted me and said that he would do everything in his power for a great outcome.

Once I retained him, CID and my chain of command stopped bothering me. 12 months after the initial investigation the CID investigation came back “unfounded” and proved that my accuser was a liar. At this point I thought that everything was over but knowing the Army it was far from over. In September 2015 they notified me that I would be facing an elimination board due to the evidence that refuted that I was a rapist.

I was not worried and retained Michael once again. The Army was trying to kick me out with no benefits and an other than honorable discharge. At the conclusion of the board I got to keep my benefits and also a nice $3,403 tax free check ($40,826 annually) for the rest of my life. I could not be happier.

Michael is an EXCELLENT attorney and he is well respected in the legal community. Be weary of hiring known lawyers, just because they are known does not mean that they are respected. If you are facing any sort of legal issues please do not hesitate to contact him.