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Our Journey through hell began almost two years ago. My husband was accused of abusive sexual contact, assault and battery, and indecent language. With my husbands 16 year career in the Air Force on the line plus multiple years in prison if found guilty, we knew we had to hire the best attorney to handle our case.

Michael, was always very attentive and believed in my husband from the start. Even though Michael is a very busy man, he never made us feel like anything less than a priority. At the Article 32 hearing Michael decided to go all in. He proved that my husbands accuser was a liar, manipulator and home wrecker.

The case was recommended for dismissal, but due to political pressure the case was still pushed forward to General Court Martial. At the court martial Michael went in and carpet bombed the prosecutions entire case and destroyed the credibility of all witnesses. Michael was amazing, and put the prosecution to shame.

If you are looking for a non bias, honest, trustworthy lawyer then look no further. He will fight for you and your family until the end. We are truly thankful to have found such an amazing attorney.

Do not hesitate a second longer, get Michael on your side. You can’t afford not to. Thank you Michael.