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Michael is without a doubt the best trial attorney money can buy. He is cool, calm, and an amazing speaker.

I found out a year ago that I was under investigation for a sex-related charge that could land me in prison for over 30 years. At first I was hesitant on whether I should pay the high price for a civilian counsel, but I decided to immediately retain Michael. I can say without question, it was the BEST Investment I have ever made. Dont wait until the Article 32 or Trial…..hire him early!

In my case, the government went full-steam ahead with ridiculous charges, no evidence, a dishonest accuser, and a poor investigation. The deck was stacked against me and the government even tried to add two more felony charges at my Article 32.

Michael was not worried. He took control, put an incredible amount of work into trial prep and absolutely shredded the government’s case. He delivered a closing that would make F Lee Bailey and Johnnie Cochran proud and maybe even a little envious. He also destroyed the prosecutor and lead NCIS agent in the process.

My life, my family’s future, and my freedom almost came to an abrupt halt but Michael saved the day. He ensured that the Jury saw the truth and that I was vindicated. The decisions one makes in life can alter your future……don’t make the decision to go with a cheaper or less experienced attorney when your life is on the line, go with the very best….go with MICHAEL WADDINGTON!!