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After attempting to use the military defense lawyers during a sexual assault allegation and getting no where, I retained Michael Waddington. As a prior Army lawyer he knows the military system in and out. He specializes in sexual assault cases. The case went to an Article 32 after my unit charged me with 4 counts of rape, under political pressure and with no evidence. Michael flew out to the UK and helped me build my defense. He collected all the evidence we had, consulted with the local ADC, prepared me for the hearing and defended me by cross examining the alleged victim whose story fell apart once Mr Waddington stepped in. He was professional and extremely competent. The Investigating Officer recommended that the case not move forward to courts martial and I was eventually acquited and all charges were dropped. Without Mr Waddington’s help, I may have faced a court martial for crimes I did not commit. He was absolutely vital to my defense and worth every penny.