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My story starts 1 year ago where I was under investigation for sexual assault, I turned to US Army JAG for assistance during that investigation, and they failed to provide me with any assistance. A few months later I was given multiple charges regarding sexual assault and even rape. I was broken down and hit the lowest point in my life. Even at point I was not given a US Army JAG representative. That is when I took matters to my own hands and sought Legal Council from none other than Michael Waddington. His website was very easy to review and I was immediately contacted after seeking help.

During our first phone conversation, he was very attentive to my story, he did not impose his bias like my commanders and other officers I worked with. From the beginning he believed in me. From the beginning to the end of my ordeal he remain very professional and at times comical, which helped with my ever increasing stress levels. From the get go, he was determined to end my ordeal at my Article 32. He did not fear the prosecutors and worked closely with my legal council, which was provided to me by the government.

During the Article 32, his questions to the witness played very well to our case. He was relentless with his insight and cross-examinations. To put it in an analogy, he went in like a quarterback, bringing in his entire team to score the winning touchdown. He was able to maneuver a known lying star witness by the government to panic and seek his own personal legal council during my case.

That was very helpful for us. At the end of the Article 32 it was found that 2 of my 4 charges were removed thanks to Michael Waddington. But, unfortunately, the trial was pushed to continue forward to a General Court Martial. The government did all they could to bring me down, and slapped me with two new charges. Ridiculous and moronic in my opinion.

The stakes were very high coming into the GCM. I faced multiple years of prison, and a possibility of having to register as sex offender. Michael Waddington would not allow it, not me, not any client. He was confident throughout the entire case. He came at our opponent knowing he was going to win no matter what. I was depressed and anxious throughout my case, but every time I finished talking to Michael, I was put in a sense of tranquility and peace.

My JAG attorney assigned to me was very discouraging to put it in a sense where he always planned for the worst, but Michael would always bring me back. During the GCM Michael planned a calculated strategy to win me my case. He came at my accuser with all his might and fury. At the end of his cross-examination of her, she could not hide her lies anymore.

To add to that, he took down the government’s “Star” witness to the point where the judge had to stop Michael from continuing his cross-examination, which lasted 35 minutes of pointing out how much of a liar this so called “Star” witness is. At that point the government panicked, and they were pretty much trying to grab any lifeline they can to save their case.

Michael Waddington came into that GCM as a general himself with the tactician to rival that of great commanders. Michael was decisive, unpredictable to the government, and adaptive to the situation. His closing statement was sight as only described as “amazing.” At first it was jumping from subject to subject, but in the end it tied everything in so well.

What was even more amazing was how long it took him to put it together. He did it in under an hour. He was able to truly express to the jury panel to weigh their decision with hard facts not by emotion, which was the only play the government had left.
Deliberation time came, my supporters, and my legal team was on the edge of our seats.


If I had to do it all again I wouldn’t hesitate to select MICHAEL WADDINGTON. He was professional, kind, courteous, and a Legendary Defense attorney.

I would recommend him to anyone. He fights for the truth!