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I found myself in a position that probably most people reading this found themselves in wondering “how did I end up here?”

Upon joining the military straight out of high school at age 18 coming from a long line of men who served in my family, I gladly served my country for over a decade.

Returning to the U.S. from Afghanistan where I was deployed, not long after, I found myself being interrogated by OSI. Bedore I knew it, my rights had been read, I wrote a statement against myself, and I was now under investigation. After 6 hours, my whole world was turned upside down. I was being accused of drug use on two occasions during the time I was a brand new 2d Lt (violation of the UCMJ, article 112a). To add to it, they threw on a charge of making a false official statement (clearance form SF86 drug use question I checked the No box) violation of the UCMJ, article 107. I was a new Captain at the time. After almost 2 years of this ordeal dragging out and being pushed to a court marital (even though the pre-trial decision authority recommended against a court martial) I knew it was time to bring out the big guns and hire a Civilian lawyer to compliment my ADC. It was the best decision I could have ever made!!! You truly do get what you pay for and if there is a will there is a way so cost wasn’t even a question. Mr. Waddington truly is the best!

In court he had the judge, jury, and audience laughing a couple times. He made the prosecution look like idiots who were unprepared and novice. The way his mind works is brilliant as he adapts to change on the spot as things shift and unfold continually while he comes up with a fitting plan and strategy that will yield the client’s desired results.

If you’re in the fight of your life and are wondering if you should seek representation by Mr. Waddington (if you’re lucky enough to be taken on as a client) then stop right where you are and pick up the phone!

I almost waited too long, but I got lucky and was able to be represented by Mr. Waddington just months out from my court martial date.

Without Mr. Waddington, I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this review. The government has all the money at their disposal to investigate you, to pile witnesses on and subpoena others, unlimited manpower (they had about 5 people from the Jag office working together during my court martial), while you are just one person. With Mr. Waddington on your side, you will give yourself the best fighting chance!!!

The words ” NOT GUILTY” pouring out of the jury president’s mouth brought a flood of tears to my eyes. No dismissal, no confinement, no discharged. Back to work as if nothing happened.

It has been an emotional roller coaster, but I am beyond grateful to Mr. Waddington and his amazing wife who graciously took me on as a client and won my case for me!

Don’t wait any longer! Consult with Mr. Waddington today!!!