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I hired Michael and Alexandra after firing another civilian lawyer. I made a big mistake in hiring the first lawyer. His website looked pretty, but he was a fraud. When he started pushing me to plead guilty and do 2 years in jail the day after I paid him for the 32, I knew I had to find someone I could trust. I knew there was evidence against me, but I wanted a fighting chance.

I first talked to Alexandra and she made me feel there was hope and that I had a chance of avoiding a conviction and being a sex offender, which where my goals. Their fee was higher than most of the other lawyers I talked to and double what my first lawyer charged, but it was nothing compared to a lifetime as a registered sex offender. Both Michael and Alexander worked on my case so I got two lawyers for the price.

When I talked to Michael, he laid out the defense strategies and techniques we could use to either win the case or avoid a court martial. It was obvious he knew what he was doing. He knew pleading guilty was not an option for me and he never brought it up. He didn’t make empty promises and he was straightforward. Michale said the prosecutor has two choices. Drop the charges and let me out of the military or prove their case to a jury.

My case was scheduled for a trial and I was getting nervous but I had faith that they were my best chance. A few weeks before the trial, I got a call with good news. The prosecution was now willing to dismiss the charges and let me out of the military instead of going to court. I am not sure what happened behind the scenes, but it was better than the 2 year deal my other lawyer negotiated. I jumped at the opportunity and now I moved on with my life and I’m finishing college. If I didn’t hire the Waddington’s theres a good chance I would be sitting in jail and my life would be ruined.

If you find yourself in a legal problem, don’t waste your time, call the Waddington’s and save yourself all the frustration and worry.