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Lets start off by saying WOW! I heard a lot of good things about Mr. Waddington prior to my day in court, but with my life’s experiences people inflate things to make them more than what they really are. I must say that Mr. Waddington was like Lebron James in the courtroom. I am a TSgt in the United States Air Force.

I was accused of child abuse back in Mar 2013. In the beginning I had the lawyer provided free by the military. My free lawyer was telling me not to worry, that this would go away and everything “MAY” be ok. Well he sure got that wrong, but what do expect for FREE! Before I knew it, my family was being harassed by OSI and I was being labeled a child abuser on base.

I was so confused because I knew the law stated that you could spank your children within reason, but with the lack of a qualified attorney I began to believe what everyone was saying. Needless to say I went to see my free lawyer to learn that he had PCS’d (moved) and a new lawyer had not been assigned.

I spoke with many other lawyers prior to Mr. Waddington. The first conversation I knew this was the right guy. I made a great decision. The Gov brought in many diff specialist and truthfully we had one also but Mr. Waddington didn’t need them. Mr. Waddington kept me informed, and when he was doing what he did best Mrs. Waddington responded.

I felt I was innocent and at no point did Mr. Waddington try to convince me to take a deal. He was just truly awesome in the courtroom.

During his closing he shut it down like LeBron in the 2012 playoffs. I had no idea what his closing was going to be like. Mr. Waddington’s attention to detail is by far the best I have seen.

In his closing he surprised me, I had no idea what he had to say during the last chance to keep me a free man. Mr. Waddington is what we call HIGH speed! I was found NOT GUILTY and spent the night at home with my family. He gave me back my life and overall my family will remain together, and I am able to keep providing a life to my children that I never had. I could keep going on and on about how awesome he is, but NOT GUILTY says it all.

I would recommend Mr. Waddington to anyone.