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5.0 stars – Shirley Gould-Goldsborough – September 30, 2016

First let me start by saying there are simply not enough words in the dictionary to express the gratitude I have for Michael Waddington. He’s hands down the most brilliant, cool, calm and collective attorney I’ve ever had the privilege to see in action in a courtroom.

My son was facing up to 70 years in military prison for rape and assault charges by his wife. Who decided to lie and report my son raped her two months prior so she could keep her military benefits and to prevent him for filing for a divorce.

My son’s JAG attorneys had him convinced that a plea deal was his only option. However as his mother I know there had to be some other way and it was. I’m convinced that God sent the Waddington’s to my family and work through them to ensure my son received a fair trial. Let me not forget to mention that the Waddington’s took on my son’s case near the end and had only a short time to prepare for the case – approximately a month.

During my son’s four day trial Mr. Waddington presented so much doubt that no way could the jury panel convict my son of any of the serious charges he was facing. He exposed CID for the sneaky unethical tactics they used to force a confession. He discredited the accuser and my son was found not guilty of ALL the serious charges and remains on active duty today.

I’m convinced the military looked up Mr. Waddington’s credentials prior to the court martial because they had so many JAG attorneys in the courtroom taking notes during the trail. The JAG attorney sitting next to me appeared to write down everything that came out of Mr. Waddington’s mouth. It was quite comical to watch.

In all seriousness please don’t let his fees scare you AND THEY WILL, he’s worth what we paid and MORE. It was the most money I’ve spent in such a short time frame but every penny was well worth it. I know first-hand how difficult this must be for your family so I’m giving permission to the Waddington’s to share my contact information should you have any questions or concerns. I’m forever grateful for Mr. Waddington giving my son his life back after this six month saga.