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Mr. Waddington saved my life and my career to say the least, I was charged with rape and forcibly sodomy and even thou i took a polygraph and passed the prosecutors didn’t care for it, in their twisted minds I was guilty as charge regardless of the evidence.

Mr. Waddington took over my case as soon as I was charge and from that moment on he was involved in my case at full speed.

If you want a fighting chance in a military court-martial Michael Waddington must be your first choice If you are facing off government prosecutors please I recommend you hired him because you will get some of the most bias, prejudice, and untruthful Staff Judge Advocates, Prosecutors, and Investigators in the military who as Mr. Waddington said will shoot an arrow at you and then paint the target around the arrow.

I’m a 21 year career senior NCO in the Army if found guilty I was facing the possibility of spending the rest of my life in prison.
What impressed me the most about Michael among other things were his knowledge of military law his experience in dealing with government prosecutors.

He is a well round lawyer that knows the in and outs of the military injustice system. if you need a lawyer go to the yellow pages and find one but if you need a respectful, professional, honest, someone who takes his job seriously and is willing to fight for you , a person that is an outstanding lawyer, very experience in dealing with the government, a person whom communication skills in and out of court are the best then call Mr. Waddington.

Last but not least what I respect most about him is that he truly cares about his client. I recommend Mr. Waddington to anyone who desires the very best lawyer.

Mike, God bless you and good luck!!!!!