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5.0 stars – Mariam Zaki – August 19, 2016

I hired Mr. Waddington to defend my friend who was facing the court martial of the century, 17 charges of rape/sexual assault and domestic violence by his scorned wife. They were all false and we needed someone to believe in him and fight for him. He was in pretrial confinement and had another lawyer representing him that was useless. I decided to do some research on replacing that lawyer and found Mr. Waddington.

From the very first moment the response at the Waddington-Gonzalez law firm was impressive. Within a day of contacting them Michael spoke to me for over 2 hours to understand the ins and outs of the case fully. He is the smartest lawyer I have ever encountered and I have dealt with a lot, he pays attention to every detail and puts his all in his cases. Him and his partner Alexandra are the most professional team you could find.

Over the course of 10 months, they fiercely defended my friend, Michael spent countless hours preparing him for trial, gathering every piece of evidence, talking to every witness, formulating strategies and keeping us informed all the way through. Alexandra took the time to explain to us complex legal terms and the different rules of military law, she would update us regularly on any progress with the case and communicate with us when Michael was busy.

At the trial, he outsmarted a whole set of prosecuting attorneys, wowed the court room with his knowledge of the law and defended my friend to his last breath! He got some charges dropped during the trial, and secured a non guilty verdict on all the rest. From opening to closing arguments he was excellent. His cross examination of witnesses especially those who were lying was fantastic, not one person who lied got away with it. His dedication to have justice for his clients is unparalleled and we owe him our lives.

If you are in need of someone to believe in you against all odds look no further! Michael Waddington is the master of Trial Warfare and he won’t let you down.