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5.0 stars – Zane Josi – August 17, 2016

It started on 22 September 2015. My wife falsely accused me of rape and domestic violence. She found out that I was cheating on her with 2 younger woman. My wife told the Coast Guard that I had violently raped and beat her. I had 17 charges of which, 5 were forcible rape. I was facing life without parole, if convicted on just one rape charge.

This was truly a “Gone Girl” saga and little did I know, that my wife had framed me for these serious allegations beginning early on in our marriage. I hired Mr. Jordan who after 2 months told me to plead guilty as the evidence was stacked against me. I fired Mr. Jordan and with the help of a dear friend hired Mr. Michael Waddington.

It was the best decision I had made and it literally saved my life. If you want a lawyer who will fight for you to the end, then Michael is your guy. If the cards are stacked against you and you feel like you have no way out then hire Michael. I can honestly say this man is an absolute genius in the courtroom and his courtroom tactics, from opening to closing statements, brutal cross examination strategies, will totally mesmerize everyone in the court room—-including the prosecution.

I was found not guilty of rape and domestic violence. It was an 11 day trial. Michael never gave up- He was my general and I trusted him to lead me into battle and we were victorious. His wife and law partner, Alexandra is compassionate and professional and is always available to assist when Michael is busy. Do not doubt his abilities, trust him to lead you to victory!