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Mike is absolutely worth every cent! In the middle of a hostile contested divorce I was presented with allegations of aggravated assault. Currently, I am attending a graduate education program with a decade of service where allegations of this nature could not only mean jail time but also the loss of both a military and professional career.

I hired Mike after the Article 32 and he worked diligently during the case to ensure a positive outcome. He worked to expose blatant lies in the testimony of witnesses in order to destroy their credibility.

His cross examination skills are phenomenal. At the conclusion of the case I was retained and allowed to complete my education, which is exactly why I hired him. Mike is an excellent attorney with the knowledge and talent to argue your case and ensure that you receive a fair trial despite the best efforts of the prosecution who will relentlessly pursue prosecution. Without hesitation, I would recommend Mike to anyone facing criminal prosecution that wants the best chance of a positive outcome.