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In early 2015 after 8 years of marriage, I found myself in the middle of a contentious divorce and custody battle, facing three counts of sexual assault and one count of physical assault. I thought cooperating with CGIS as well as turning over my phone (since I had nothing to hide) would absolve me of these accusations. It did NOT. Everything I said, CGIS twisted or used out of context to incriminate me. They even quoted biblical versus and insinuated that if my wife was having an affair it was my fault in some way.

After my Article 32 hearing I asked my sister if she thought I should utilize Mr. Waddington. It was clear at that point the Coast Guard was determined to prosecute me and was in fact not on my side. However, I was already under a crushing amount of legal fees and the gamble of spending so much money on a person I had never seen work or even met in person was a bit daunting. My sister reminded me how displeased the prosecution was to hear I had retained him. asked the all-important question: “How much is your freedom worth?” From that point on, there was no question, I was moving forward as planned. This decision was further validated when someone overheard the prosecutor speaking with the local legal assistance openly about my case and stated how surprised they were that I hired a very powerful and well known attorney who liked to, “go all the way”.

I spent a lot of time gathering as much evidence as I could to prove my innocence as well as give my attorneys enough material to build a case. Due to shield laws that protect alleged victims, it can make entering relevant information nearly impossible. On more than one occasion I wasn’t even sure if we could utilize the fact she was having an affair as evidence. This was a corner stone of our defense, but Mr. Waddington and as well as my JAG made sure we were able too.

After fourteen months of uncertainty and with 90.5 years of prison time hanging over my head as well as sex offender status, my court martial began. Mr. Waddington and my JAG worked together seamlessly as if they had been working together for years. They planned for every contingency and were able to completely discredit my wife. Mr. Waddington got her to admit at one point that she had planned out some or all of these lies and that she was even abusive towards me.

Every lie she told allowed us to utilize text messages, notes, threats and voicemails I had amassed over the last year. When she denied something we had in writing, he pointed at my JAG who had his iPad connected to the TV in the room. Mr. Waddington then read her own text message to the contrary of what she was saying. At one point the tally of lies we could prove she was telling was roughly 37. Together they destroyed her credibility, character, and through a well laid out timeline of events, were able to raise some serious questions about her motives behind these allegations. The prosecution could barely obtain an objection to our lines of questioning. Mr. Waddington and my JAG had planned one, if not three other arguments as to why this questioning or evidence was admissible.

On the last day, a large audience had gathered to hear closing statements and the verdict. After only 40 minutes of deliberation, the jury had come to a decision… Innocent of all charges! After fourteen months of hell I had my life and future back. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to help protect me. If you are considering Mr. Waddington as a perspective defense attorney and wondering if all of his accolades are self-promotion and promises he can’t follow through on, I assure you they are NOT. He and his wife are an amazing team. They will fight for you, and genuinely care about their clients. I will never be able to thank them enough. Thank you for protecting my freedom and getting my life back!