Written questions before Voir Dire

navylawyerusa4Trial counsel may (or must upon the request of defense counsel) require panel members to submit written questionnaires before trial. This process may expedite voir dire and may result in more informed challenges. R.C.M. 912(a)(1) outlines the questions that must be asked in such questionnaires:

  1. Date of birth
  2. Sex
  3. Race
  4. Marital status
  5. Sex, age, and number of dependents
  6. Home of record
  7. Civilian and military education, including, when available, major areas of study, name of school or institution, years of education, and degrees received
  8. Current unit to which assigned
  9. Past duty assignments
  10. Awards and decorations received
  11. Date of rank
  12. Whether the member has acted as accuser, counsel, investigating officer, convening authority, or legal officer or staff judge advocate for the convening authority in the case or has forwarded the charges with a recommendation as to disposition.

Additional information may be asked in the questionnaire with the approval of the military judge.

Written questions

Voir Dire