Maximum Punishment. See Manual for Courts-Martial, Appendix 12

  1. uscourtmartiallawyers151Generally – lesser of jurisdiction of court or punishment in Part IV.
  2. Offenses not listed in the Table of Maximum Punishments.
    1. Included or related offenses.
    2. United States Code.
  3. Habitual offenders.

Three or more convictions within one year – DD, TF, one year confinement.

  • Two or more convictions within three years – BCD, TF, three months confinement.
  • Two or more offenses which carry total authorized confinement of 6 months automatically authorizes BCD and TF. K. Article 133 punishment. United States v. Hart , 32 M.J. 101 (C.M.A. 1991). In mega- article 133 specification, the maximum possible punishment is the largest maximum punishment for any offense included in the mega-specification.