Basic Procedures. RCM 1001(a)(1).

uscourtmartiallawyers91A. Matters to be presented by the government. The Trial Counsel’s case in “aggravation.”
RCM 1001(b). Counsel may present:

1. Service data relating to the accused from the charge sheet.

2. Personnel records reflecting the character of the accused’s prior service.

3. Prior convictions.

4. Circumstances directly relating to or resulting from the offense(s).

5. Opinion evidence regarding past duty performance and rehabilitative potential.

B. Defense counsel presents the case in extenuation and mitigation. RCM 1001(c).

C. Rebuttal and surrebuttal. RCM 1001(d).

D. Additional matters. RCM 1001(f).

E. Arguments. RCM 1001(g).

F. Rebuttal argument at MJ’s discretion. RCM 1001(a)(1)(F).

Matters Presented by the Prosecution. RCM 1001(b).