Panel Not Notified of Guilty Plea

Overview of when panel not notified of guilty plea:

Panel Not Notified of Guilty PleaGenerally, panel will not be informed when the accused enters mixed pleas. RCM 910(g) Discussion; RCM 913(a) (if mixed pleas have been entered, the military judge should ordinarily defer informing the members of the offenses to which the accused pled guilty until after the findings on the remaining contested offenses have been entered). Thus, where an accused pleads guilty to offense A, but not guilty to offense B, military judge should defer informing court members of the plea to offense A until after findings are announced on contested offense

  • United States v. Smith
    , 23 M.J. 118, 120 (C.M.A. 1987).
    See also UnitedStates v. Hamilton
    , 36 M.J. 723 (A.C.M.R. 1993) (reversible error to advise members that accused had pled guilty to other offenses).