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  1. bestmilitarydefenseucmjdefenselawyer124Soldier must be notified of the following (AR 27-10, paras. 3-16 b and 3-18):

    1. Commander’s intention to dispose of the matter under Article 15.
    2. Offense suspected of.
    3. Maximum punishment that the commander could impose under Article 15.
    4. Soldier’s rights under Article 15.
  2. Delegating the notice responsibility. AR 27-10, para. 3-18a.

    1. Commander may delegate the notice responsibility to any subordinate who is a SFC or above (if senior to soldier being notified). The commander still needs to personally sign the DA Form 2627 or 2627-1.
    2. Good way to involve first sergeant or command sergeant major.
  3. For a script that can be used during the first reading, see AR 27-10, app. B.