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  1. bestmilitarydefenseucmjdefenselawyer128Summarized Article 15. AR 27-10, para. 3-16f.

    1. DA Form 2627-1 filed locally.
    2. Destroyed two years after imposition or upon transfer from the unit.
  2. Formal Article 15. AR 27-10, paras. 3-6, 3-37.

    1. Specialist/Corporal (E-4) and below.
      1. Original DA Form 2627 filed locally in unit nonjudicial punishment or unit personnel files.
      2. Destroyed two years after imposition or upon transfer to another general court-martial convening authority.
    2. All other soldiers.
      1. Performance fiche or restricted fiche of OMPF. (1) Performance section is routinely used by career managers and selection boards for the purpose of assignment, promotion, and schooling selection. (2) Restricted section contains information not normally viewed by career managers or selection boards.
      2. A commander’s decision where to file is as important as the decision relating to the imposition of NJP itself. AR 27-10, para. 3-6a. Commanders should consider: (1) Interests of the Soldier’s career. (2) Soldier’s age, grade, total service, whether Soldier has prior NJP, recent performance. (3) Army’s interest in advancing only the most qualified personnel for positions of leadership, trust, and responsibility. (4) Whether the conduct reflects unmitigated moral turpitude or lack of integrity, patterns of misconduct, evidence of serious character deficiency, or substantial breach of military discipline.
      3. Imposing commander’s filing decision is subject to review by superior authority.
      4. . AR 27-10, para. 3-6b.
      5. Superior commander cannot withhold subordinate commander’s filing determination authority.

breach of military discipline

restricted fiche of OMPF