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Rule 509. Deliberations of Courts and Juries

  1. militarydefenselawyers399Rule 509 preserves the sanctity of the factfinder’s deliberative process. See Schlueter, Salztburg, Schinasi, and Imwinkelried, Military Evidentiary Foundations.
  2. Rule 606(b) provides an exception and permits intrusion into the factfinder’s deliberative process when there are questions concerning:
    1. Whether extraneous prejudicial information was brought to bear upon any member;
    2. Whether any outside influence was improperly brought to the member’s attention; or
    3. Whether there was unlawful command influence.
      See also Schleuter, Salztburg, Schinasi, and Imwinkelried, Military Evidentiary
  3. Note that the deliberative process of military judges, like that of a panel, is
    protected from post-trial inquiry. United States v. Matthews, 68 M.J. 29
    (C.A.A.F. 2009)