1. militarydefenselawyers407Definition. An authorized change in the status of information from classified to unclassified information.
  2. Authority. The official who authorized the original classification (if still serving in that position); the official’s successor in function; a supervisor of either; or individuals who have been delegated this authority by an agency head or senior agency official.
  3. Types:
    1. Automatic. Declassification based solely on the occurrence of a specific date or event as determined by the OCA, or expiration of a maximum time frame for duration of classification.
    2. Systematic. Review for declassification of classified information contained in records that have been determined by the Archivist of the
      United States to have permanent historical value.
    3. Mandatory. A review for declassification that occurs in response to a
      request for declassification. Information can be declassified if the
      public’s interest in disclosure outweighs the need to protect the
      information. Procedures:

      1. Request for review must describe the document or material
        specifically enough to enable the agency to locate with
        reasonable effort;
      2. Agency heads will develop procedures for handling requests and
        reviews, appeal procedures, and procedures to notify requestors
        of their right to appeal a final agency decision to the Interagency
        Security Classification Appeals Panel.
      3. When an agency receives a request for review of information in
        its custody that was originally classified by another agency, it
        will refer the documents to the original agency for processing.
        Depending on the type of information in a document, there can
        be multiple OCAs for the information contained therein.


Request for review must describe the document