The Beginning Stages:

  1. militarydefenselawyers412A Crime regarding Classified Information is discovered.
  2. The classified information is protected and the breach in security is closed.
  3. Special Security Officer is informed of the possible breach (Navy–notifies Det. 17 and NCIS).
  4. Law Enforcement begins to investigate.
  5. The suspected classified information is sent to the various “equity holders.”
  6. The “equity holders” screen the information to determine potential level of classification.
  7. The information that is suspected of being classified undergoes a classification review.
  8. Once the review is completed the OCA verifies the findings of the review and
    determines whether release should be permitted.
  9. In instances where the privilege under MRE 505 is to be invoked memos from
    5 This journey through the stages of handling a classified case in an ideal world is courtesy of
    LTC Timothy MacDonnell, formerly of the U.S. Army Trial Counsel Assistance Program
    OCAs articulating the danger of release of the classified information are