The 10 commandments of unlawful command influence

COMMANDMENT 1 Do not stack the panel, nor select nor remove court-members in order to obtain a particular result in a particular trial.
COMMANDMENT 2 Do not disparage the defense counsel or the military judge.
COMMANDMENT 3 Do not communicate an inflexible policy on disposition or punishment.
COMMANDMENT 4 Do not place outside pressure on the judge or court-members to obtain a particular decision.
COMMANDMENT 5 Do not intimidate witnesses or discouraged them from testifying.
COMMANDMENT 6 Do not order a subordinate to dispose of a case in a certain way.
COMMANDMENT 7 Do not coach or mentor subordinate commanders on military justice without talking to your legal advisor first.
COMMANDMENT 8 Do not disparage the accused or tell others not to associate with him, and do not allow subordinates to do so, either.
COMMANDMENT 9 Ensure that subordinates and staff do not commit unlawful command influence, inadvertently or not.
COMMANDMENT 10 If a mistake is made, raise the issue immediately and cure with an appropriate remedy.