Military Department Policies under November 2002 DoD Policy Memorandum

militarydefenseattorneys9.56.57 PMEach Department shall implement a periodic training program to inform personnel of the Lautenberg Amendment and DoD policy related thereto.

Training shall inform personnel of their affirmative and continuing obligation to inform commanders or supervisors of qualifying convictions.

DoD components will also post notices about the Amendment and DoD policy in all facilities in which Government firearms or ammunition are stored.

Departments may require personnel to certify whether they have qualifying convictions.

If so, Departments shall use DD Form 2760 for such certifications.

If not, DD Form 2760 shall be made available for personnel who self-report.

Departments will issue regulations governing the filing, maintenance and retrieval of DD Form 2760.

Departments may promulgate separation regulations specifically pertaining to members who have qualifying convictions.