Duties of Subordinates & SupervisorsResponsibilities of Supervisory Attorneys (Army Rule 5.1).

Supervisors must make reasonable efforts to ensure subordinates comply with Rules (Army Rule 5.1). Includes nonlawyers under supervision (Army Rule 5.3).

courtmartialdefenselawyers10.53.09 2A supervisor assumes imputed responsibility for acts of subordinates if:

The lawyer orders or ratifies a subordinate’s violation, or

The lawyer knows of and fails to take remedial action to avoid or mitigate the consequences of a violation.

Responsibilities of Subordinate Attorneys (Army Rule 5.2).

A subordinate is bound by the Rules of Professional Conduct even if he or she acts at the direction of another.

Subordinate attorneys may rely on ethical judgment of a supervisor if the issue is subject to question. If the ethical question can be answered only one way, the subordinate must comply with the Rules.