Urinalysis Tests Used

  1. militarydefenselawyers322Laboratory tests:
    1. Screening test: immunoassay (KIMS Technology) or “Enzyme
      Multiplied Immunoassay Technique” (E.M.I.T. – Syva Co.) depending on the drug being tested.

      1. Used at Army and Air Force laboratories. Civilian samples are tested at Fort Meade, MD.
      2. Test attaches chemical markers to metabolites and measures transmission of light through sample. Every positive screened twice.
      3. Test is not 100% accurate, but screens out most negatives.
    2. Confirming test: gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy (GC/MS).
      1. Used at Army and Air Force laboratories.
      2. GC test measures period of time molecules in sample take to
        traverse a tube; drug metabolites traverse tube in characteristic
        period of time.
      3. MS test fragments molecules in sample and records the
        fragments on spectrum. Metabolite fragments are unique.
      4. Test is 100% accurate.