Nonjudicial Punishment

  1. militarydefenselawyers325Nonjudicial punishment procedures are relatively simple. See U.S. Dep’t of Army, Reg. 27-10, Military Justice ch. 3 (3 Oct. 2011) [hereinafter AR 27-10].
    1. Military Rules of Evidence do not apply. AR 27-10, para. 3-18j.
    2. Burden of proof is beyond a reasonable doubt. AR 27-10, para. 3-18l.
  2. Reservists. Reservists may not receive nonjudicial punishment under Article 15 for drug use unless use occurred while on federal duty. See Article 2(d)(2) (reserve component personnel may be involuntarily recalled to active duty for nonjudicial punishment only with respect to offenses committed while on federal duty) and United States v. Chodara, 29 M.J. 943 (A.C.M.R. 1990).