The Defense Response to the Charging Decision


  1. Motions to dismiss.
    1. Failure to state an offense. R.C.M. 907(b)(1)(B).
    2. Statute of limitations. R.C.M. 907(b)(2)(B).
    3. Defective or misleading specifications. R.C.M. 907(b)(3)(A).
    4. Unreasonable multiplication of charges. R.C.M. 907(b)(3)(B).
  2. Motions for appropriate relief.
    1. Determination of multiplicity. R.C.M. 906(b)(12).
    2. Bill of particulars. R.C.M. 906(b)(6).
    3. Sever duplicitous specifications. R.C.M. 906(b)(5).
    4. Sever offenses. R.C.M. 906(b)(10).
    5. Vindictive or selective prosecution. Fifth Amendment; United States v. Hagen, 25 M.J. 78 (C.M.A. 1987).