A Navy midshipman is accused of sneaking into the sleeping quarters of female classmates and sexually assaulting them on numerous occasions as the women slept, a report said Tuesday.

Nixon Keago, 24, allegedly entered the rooms of females in the academy and proceeded to take their clothes off and grope them without their consent, according to the Navy Times.

It wasn’t clear how many victims Keago allegedly attacked because the charging documents do not include names.

On one occasion, Keago is accused of entering a woman’s dorm room in February 2018 before taking off her clothes and sexually assaulting her as she slept.

He also attempted to sexually assault a sleeping midshipman in Annapolis, Maryland, in September 2018. One month after that alleged attack, the midshipmen entered a woman’s sleeping quarters in Annapolis.

Then in May, he allegedly kissed a woman’s neck and pulled down her shorts without her permission while she was sleeping in New York City.

Keago’s court-martial trial is slated to begin in January.

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