There are new developments in a triple murder investigation in Pembroke, Kentucky. Suspicion has been on a Fort Campbell army major.

The search warrant shows detectives are looking for any evidence that could connect Major Christian “Kit” Martin to the crimes. The search warrant allowed detectives to look in his home and his three cars. It says they are searching for any blood, bodily fluid, hair, fingerprints or any evidence linking him to the triple murder.

Deputies found two people dead last Thursday in a burned car and one per
son shot to death in a house in Pembroke, a man now identified as Calvin Phillips. Documents obtained showed Phillips had been on the government’s witness list and planned to testify against Major Martin in an upcoming court-martial. His trial date had been scheduled less than two weeks from when deputies found Phillip’s murdered.

The military confined Major Martin Friday for four days in Fort Campbell barracks. According to a protective order, the military did so because he had been named a person of interest in the death investigation of a witness scheduled to testy in his court-martial.

Martin’s accused of sex assault, molesting two children and not caring properly for classified information.

Detectives took the surveillance cameras on Major Martin’s home Friday. His attorney says they will find his client on video tending to his dog in the middle of the night.

“At 2 a.m., (the dog) went ballistic to the point that Kit had to get out of bed and go and check on him,” said Summers. “Police have not asked me any of this stuff. I would be glad to tell them.”

Two o’clock in the morning is the same time a man heard noises coming from a field next to his house in Christian County. It’s there that police found a car burned-up the next day with human remains inside.

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