Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, South Carolina

MC Air Station Beaufort Military Lawyer | Court Martial Attorney

The United States Marine Corps air base called Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort (IATA: BFT, ICAO: KNBC, FAA LID: NBC) can be found around five kilometers northwest of Beaufort – a business district located in South Carolina, USA. It is among the biggest of the country’s air bases, with an estimated land area of 6,900 acres and catering to at least 4200 various military personnel and some 700 civilian employees. It also houses six Marine Corps F/A-18 Hornet fighter-attack squadrons as well as a Navy F-18 strike fighter squadron.

MC Air Station Beaufort Military Lawyer | Court Martial Attorney

Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort

As its primary mission, MCAS Beaufort lends support to the Marine Corps as by hosting the Marine Aircraft Group 31 or the MAG-31, an anti-air-warfare and air force support operations that aid Fleet Marine Forces. Aside from the MAG-31, three other squadrons make up the MCAS Beaufort. They are the Marine Wing Support Squadron 273, Marine Air Control Squadron 2, and the Combat Logistics Company 23.

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