Camp Schwab, Japan

In 1952, the United States government made a commitment to protect Japan leading to the creation of the 4th Marine Regiment which is currently housed in Camp Schwab, a member of the Camp Butler complex nestled in the Northeastern part of the Okinawa region. Majority of the base is in the city of Nago while a very small portion in the Ginoza village. In addition to the said regiment, the camp also houses about 28,000 American servicemen in the island as part of the US government’s promise to defend the country. It wasn’t until 1959 though that Camp Schwab was finally dedicated and officially named after Albert E. Schwab, a Medal of Honor awardee, who fought and died for the cause of Okinawa during World War II.

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Camp Schwab

Today, Camp Schwab remains one of the bases for live fire training while also promoting cooperation with other units in order to strengthen the country’s forward defense. The Marine Corps Air Station Futenmabase was moved to the camp on October 26, 2005 as per agreement between the United States and Japan governments.


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