Camp Rhino, Afganistan

Camp Rhino Military Lawyer | Court Martial Attorney

Camp Rhino was the first United Stated land base founded in Afghanistan during the Operation Enduring Freedom. This Forward Operating Base is located in an Afghan plateau region known as the RegistanDesert which is 100 nautical miles southwest of Kandahar.

Camp Rhino Military Lawyer | Court Martial Attorney

Camp Rhino

It was the first strategic foothold in Afghanistan utilized by US-led forces. The camp made ground war in Afghanistan possible. Relentless battles between the Taliban and Northern Alliance forces near Kandahar were still going on during the construction of Camp Rhino. Realizing that the US troops are closing in, the Taliban backed off and were driven north to the mountains of Tora Bora. The forces of Camp Rhino moved up and fortress of the Taliban which was the Kandahar International Airport fell into the hands of troops in December 2001 after a three-week period of joint forces exercise in the camp.

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