Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan

Camp Leatherneck Military Lawyer | Court Martial Attorney

Covering 1,600 acres of land, Camp Leatherneck is a United States Marine Corps base is found in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Majority of the site is located in Washir District and is consolidated with the Camp Bastion which is the primary military base of the British in Afghanistan.

Camp Leatherneck Military Lawyer | Court Martial Attorney

Camp Leatherneck

The camp is initially put up and harnessed by the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade 2008 to prepare the troops who were to be assigned in Afghanistan. It was divided into four parts in 2011. Deconstruction is still undergoing as troops level continue to decline in support of decreasing operations in Afghanistan. The Supply Management Unit lot went on fire for over eight hours resulting to extensive damage which happened on May 16, 2010. The camp was also hit with one of the most intense sandstorms. In 2008, Naval Mobile Construction Battalions Five, Seven and Seventy-Four reconstructed the camp and expanded it from Camp Bastion.

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