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Camp Hansen, Japan

Camp Hansen Military Lawyer | Court Martial Attorney

Named after a Medal of Honor awardee Dale M. Hansen is Camp Hansen, the United States Marine Corps base situated in the town of Kin, in Okinawa, Japan and also a part of the Camp Butler complex. This major base installation in the northernmost part of Okinawa serves as a form of tribute for Dale Hansen’s heroism during the battle against Okinawa invasion. The Marine Corp private died days after he started the fight for Hill 60 efforts.

Camp Hansen Military Lawyer | Court Martial Attorney

Camp Hansen

Aside from housing several tenant units such as the 3rd Battalion 12th Marines, 7th Communications Battalion, 3rd Intelligence Battalion, 3rd Medical Battalion and 5th Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company among other, Camp Hansen is also home to the Central Training Area and about 6,000 marines. Facilities in the area include firing ranges and shooting houses in addition to the brig for short term confinement of US military members. Camp Hansen has also become a training base for the Japan Ground Self-Defense Forces as of March 2008.

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