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Camp Gonsalves, Japan

Camp Gonsalves Military Lawyer | Court Martial Attorney

Before it became Camp Gonsalves named after a Medal of Honor posthumous awardee, PFC Harold Gonsalves who died during the battle against Okinawa invasion, it was known as the Jungle Warfare Training Center (JWTC) or the Northern Training Area (NTA). It is situated in Northern Okinawa, Japan encompassing 17, 500 acres of hills, rugged terrains and forest across Higashi and Kunigami villages.

Camp Gonsalves Military Lawyer | Court Martial Attorney

Camp Gonsalves

JWTC was the venue for over 50 years of jungle warfare against the US Marines and in the beginning of the Vietnam War as the Counter Guerilla School. Today, it remains as the only Department of Defense jungle training facility in the world. Since it was established in the late 1950s, the base camp has developed and it now contains 22 helicopter landing zones,four bivouac sites, outdoor classrooms, firebase, and target missile site. But it wasn’t until November 5, 1986 that the camp was officially named Camp Gonsalves. The name was changed again in March 1998 to Marine Corps Jungle Warfare Training Center in order to emphasize the area as a training base.

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