Camp Courtney, Japan

The United States Marine Corps operate the large Camp Smedley D. Butler where Camp Courtney is currently a part of. Just like Camp Butler which was named after a legendary marine, Camp Courtney also got its name from Major Henry A. Courtney, Jr. who died during the fight against Okinawa invasion. The base is situated in Uruma City where the III Marine Expeditionary Force headquarters and the 3rd Marine Division Headquarters, after it was transferred from Camp McGill, are housed.

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Camp Courtney

Camp Tengan was the first and original name for what is currently known as Camp Courtney. It was established as a US Marine Base in January 1956 housing the first original units including the Headquarters Battalion, truck battalion and the Division Band occupying huts that were made of concrete with cables strings securing it to the ground, a strategic set up against typhoons that frequent the region particularly the Ryuku Islands. Camp Courtney continues to be the home for many military families who enjoys nearby establishments such as restaurants, movie theaters, chapel, bank and clinics.

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