Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi

Keesler AFB Military Lawyer | Court Martial Attorney

Keesler Air Force Base in Mississippi was built in 1941 and granted as Keesler Army Airfield in memory of Samuel R. Keesler, 2nd Lt. It is located near Biloxi and home of the 81-Training Wing. The past names include the Biloxi Air Corps Tech School and KAA (Keesler Army Airfield). The present name of the base was designated on the 13th of January in 1948. Keesler AFB offers courses to officers and enlisted technical training students with experience in a variety of branches of service.

The base trains Airmen to develop war fighting skills and to deliver combat for the Air Force. The 2-Air Force, 403-Wing, 85-Engineering Installation Squadron and the Mathies NCO Academy are included on Keesler AFB. The wing comprises of staff agencies and large groups

Keesler AFB Military Lawyer | Court Martial Attorney

of squadrons. Groups include Training, Medical and Mission Support. The Keesler also provides advanced training for physicians, nurses, and technicians in the medical field.

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Keesler AFB Military Lawyer – Sex Assault Court Martial Attorney Air Force


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